10+ Most Expensive Homes Sold in 2015 in Plymouth County

Every year I research and publish the list of most expensive homes sold in Plymouth County during the previous year. 2015 proved to be a very good year for the luxury market!  Here is the list of luxury homes sold for 2015……

33566 HWY 75  33566 HWY 75, SIOUX CITY   $1,000,000

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It’s Been A Seller’s Market, But Buyers Get Ready!

pic-f82e1fIt’s that special time of the year: School is ready to begin, days are getting shorter, and the colleges and high schools are eagerly gearing us up for football.

And you’d think the quick pace of home sales will continue—right?  Not so fast – not the seasonally adjusted rates Realtors are used to following.

house in hands 2Seasonal adjustments show us that as inventory sits on the market longer, buyers start to get better deals.  The summer peak of inventory, high sale prices, and competition – is over.

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Is Now the Right Time to Buy a New Home?

New buyers, move up buyers and sellers – you’re all affected……..

first-time-home-buyers (1)In today’s market, new buyers are trading astronomically high rent payments for the stability of a mortgage, lower monthly payments, and much better living conditions than rental houses and apartments are providing.  (Hint:  this is important information for sellers also)

The double whammy.

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What Not to Do as a New Homeowner

If you’re new to homeownership, you’ll definitely want to avoid these easy-to-prevent mistakes that could cost you big time.  We know so well the thrill of owning your own home — but don’t let the excitement cause you to overlook the basics.

front of home

I gathered up a dozen classic boo-boos new homeowners often commit — and included some insight on why each is critically important to protect you and your new home.

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