10 Most Expensive Homes Sold in Plymouth County in 2014

Every year I research and publish the list of most expensive homes sold in Plymouth County during the previous year.  Here is the list of luxury homes sold for 2014……

LM 226 Turnberry  226 Turnberry Ave  $478,000

LM 1794 Willow Run 1794 Willow Run Blvd $475,000

2421 5th Ave SE 2421 5th Ave SE  $465,000

LM 1390 Turnberry Ave 1390 Turnberry Ave  $395,500

LM 23198 glacier 23198 Glacier RD   $340,000

LM 109 Falcon Ct 1109 Falcon Ct  $340,000

LM 32598 K22 32598 K22  $335,000

LM 715 Central Ave NW  715 Central Ave NW  $330,000

LM 1414 16th Ave SE  1414 16th Ave SE   $330,000

LM 1066 PGA Drive 1066 PGA Drive  $313,000

What do you think?  Does this help you understand the market?  Leave a comment or share with your friends using any of the buttons below. I can prepare this kind of data for any price range.  If you have a question or want more information contact me at marceta@propertyprosgroup.com.


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